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Bundle and save on other TV[R]EV Special Reports which comprehensively tackle major media disruptions (in a language you can understand).

1. How ACR Works and Why You Should Care: Smart TVs are coming into their own and will be in close to 75% of American homes by 2022. The cleaner, smarter, more reliable source of information is fueling the transformation of the new TV economy. But how does it work? 

2. The State of Smart TV Advertising:  TV becoming like the internet means data-driven marketers are crashing onto the scene with a new cross-platform gold rush. We spoke to all the players for this best in class definitive guide.

3. Report: Blockchain & Advertising, An Ad Ledger Collaboration

Marketers must worry about brand safety, rampant fraud, and the fact that roughly 70% of every ad dollar they spend disappears into the digital abyss. However, Blockchain promises to reestablish the primacy of the relationship between advertiser and publisher, allowing for full transparency on all transactions. It also has the potential to do something quite radical: empower the consumer. 

This report was produced with the agencies and technology companies assembled under AdLedger and is available for free on the website

4. Snapshot: State of the Esports Industry: Esports is rapidly becoming a billion-dollar industry, pushing its way into the global consciousness. Industry execs and analysts offer a primer on the future of entertainment and marketing: Twitch, Fortnite, esports audiences, brand safety, esports on TV and more.

5. The OTT Advertising Report: In this report, you’ll learn how OTT ads are targeted, how they’re bought and sold, how they’re served and how they’re measured and the opportunities, challenges and dynamics surrounding it all. You’ll walk away with a complete understanding of how things work, what various acronyms and terms mean, and what to look for in the years ahead. (It's also available separately here). 

6. Achieving Universal Addressability: Tom Morgan, Principal at MediaD.TV, looks at how the “Three Cs” — Control, Clock and Cache — can open up traditional linear TV for addressable advertising, realizing that $75 billion market. 

The reports have been authored by industry leaders including Alan Wolk, Dade Hayes, Dawn Chmielewski, David Bloom, Mike Gasbara, Christiana Cacciapuoti, Tom Cheredar, Dan Rowinski, Jason Damata and include commentary from dozens of senior-level executives in decision-making roles at leading companies in the advertising, agency, network and measurement space -- offering unprecedented views into these emerging ecosystems. 

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