Playing OTT Moneyball: A Data-Driven Content Acquisition Strategy for Streaming Platforms

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As television has evolved from broadcast and cable to streaming, the availability of massive quantities of measurable viewership data means that the process of identifying content that will deliver both audiences and revenue has pivoted from an art form to a science.

Programmers can now examine multiple layers of data to understand how their shows are performing against specific audiences and specific goals, and how potential new content acquisitions might fit into these strategies.

This paper explores the “Moneyball” approach to content-- creating next-level correlations designed to find synergies that can help you identify those titles that can help your platform attain ‘wins’ no matter what goals your content strategy plans are designed to accomplish

You’ll learn how to identify shows that can attract new viewers to your site, how to identify hidden gems that viewers love to binge on and how to use data to successfully plan an international expansion.

This report is provided free, courtesy of Peerlogix, originators of the Moneyball concept.

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