Special Report: TV in the FAST Lane

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This comprehensive report on the FASTs--free ad-supported streaming TV services--will provide you with a deeper understanding of this fast-growing and crucial part of the new TV ecosystem.

In it you’ll learn:

- Why the FASTs are suddenly so popular with both viewers and advertisers?

- Why the pandemic helped accelerate their growth

- What are the best content strategies for the FASTs and how to identify undervalued content

- How FAST advertising is bought, sold and measured

- Who are the key players and what are the differences between independent FASTs, FASTs -owned by the major TV networks, FASTs owned by streaming device OEMs and FASTs owned by smart TV OEMs

- What the future has in store for the FASTs including: 

  • Projected ad revenue
  • The Great Rebundling
  • The role of news and sports
  • Why FASTs will replace non-premium cable
  • The FASTs role in the new TV ecosystem

- The results of our survey of top media and advertising executives

- In-depth interviews with key industry leaders from our sponsors: VIZIO, Tubi, Samsung Ads, PeerLogix and Paket.

As always, this report is written in TV[R]EV’s inimitable conversational style, free of confusing buzzwords and bland lifeless prose. It’s perfect for anyone who works at a network or streaming platform, ad agency, ad tech firm or brand marketer.

Get your copy today so you can stay on top of this fast-growing (pun intended) part of the new TV ecosystem.

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Special Report: TV in the FAST Lane

0 ratings