The Emerging Smart TV Ecosystem: A TV[R]EV Special Report

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The Emerging Smart TV Ecosystem: A TV[R]EV Special Report

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With their own FAST programming, their own ad inventory and their own ACR-based measurement systems, the smart TV OEMs have become a force to be reckoned with in the growing smart TV universe.

While they don’t always get the press that the major SVOD and AVOD get, smart TV OEMs are rapidly becoming the powers behind the thrones, serving the gatekeeper role once played by MVPDs, while providing advertisers with a national audience and the sort of measurement and attribution stats they’ve come to expect from digital.

In this extensive deep dive report, TV[R]EV co-founder and lead analyst Alan Wolk explores:

-The history of smart TV OEMs and their shift to advertising and content

-The ins and outs of advertising with smart TV OEMs

-Their advantages over pure content-based CTV programmers

-What to expect from the smart TV OEMs in the years ahead

-Key trends to look out for

-Financial projections on the smart TV OEM ad market through 2026

You’ll also find our exclusive detailed map of the CTV universe courtesy of Evan Shapiro and in-depth interviews with key executives from our sponsors, LG Ads, Samsung Ads and VIZIO.

But here’s the best part: this report is now available for free, thanks to the aforementioned sponsors. Just enter "O" in the "Name a fair price" field.

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