TV[R]EV Report Bundle: ACR and The State of Smart TV Advertising

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Bundle and save on TV[R]EV Special Reports about ACR and advanced advertising, which complement each other for a comprehensive picture of the emerging TV ad ecosystem.

1. How ACR Works and Why You Should Care: Smart TVs are coming into their own and will be in close to 75% of American homes by 2022. The cleaner, smarter, more reliable source of information is fueling the transformation of the new TV economy. But how does it work? 

2. The State of Smart TV Advertising:  TV becoming like the internet means data-driven marketers are crashing onto the seen with a new cross-platform gold rush. We spoke to all the players for this best in class definitive guide.

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The reports have been authored by industry leaders including Alan Wolk, Dade Hayes, Dawn Chmielewski, David Bloom, and Jason Damata and include commentary from dozens of senior-level executives in decision-making roles at leading companies in the advertising, agency, network and measurement space -- offering unprecedented views into these emerging ecosystems. 

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